1. All-in-one and two-part adhesives for various materials, hardeners, primers, solvents.
  2. Repair patches of various shapes, repair strips, repair rubber sheets, cover strips, bonding layer.
  3. Abrasion-resistant and protective rubber sheets used for protecting surfaces from mechanical wear, chemical and weather impact, noise reduction, dust-sealing, pulley and roller lagging.
  4. Lagging rubber for pulleys and rollers for various operating conditions. Rubber profiled laggings, laggings with ceramic inserts of various shapes.
  5. Cleaning rubber for scrapers and skirting of conveyor systems.
  6. Shock-absorbing boards without/with steel base, without/with T-profile for bolting, with smooth or ribbed surface.
  7. Shock-absorbing damping bars, bars with extra slick coating, with T-profile for quick and reliable mounting.
  8. Conveyor belts, crimped boards, chevrons, crossbars for pockets of various shapes.
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